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Kelsey & Noah Hill

Updated: Jun 12

Kelsey and Noah first met in 2018 at MTSU, when his fraternity and her sorority were paired together for Homecoming. A short time later, Noah officially asked Kelsey to be his girlfriend at Opryland, and they set out making memories that would last them a lifetime.

Noah and Kelsey quickly discovered they loved trying new things together. From adventures in Texas, Montana, and the Bahamas to picking up their bunny, Bogey, during a Craiglist meetup, the couple grew closer together and fell deeper in love. When Noah set up a special escape room with members of Kelsey’s family, the prize was extra special: a ring and a proposal!

When Kelsey brought Romance and Rust onboard to help with wedding planning, she knew she needed someone with an eye for detail. “Kathy was incredible to work with and helped make sure our wedding was beautiful, well organized, and exactly what I wanted,” Kelsey says. “She took so much pressure off of me, and I knew without a doubt in my mind she had everything taken care of and our wedding would be beautiful!”

When asked if she would recommend Romance and Rust to a future bride, Kelsey doesn’t hesitate: “1000%! Kathy was one of the best parts of planning my wedding.”

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