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Anne Marie & TC Aric

Growing up, Anne Marie and TC lived in the same town and attended the same high school. They reconnected a few years later when TC sent her a message via Instagram asking her out on a date… and Anne Marie turned him down.

Two years and multiple requests for “just one date” later, Anne Marie finally said yes in May of 2020. From there, everything fell into place.

Together, the couple enjoyed exploring new restaurants in Nashville, card game nights, and wine tastings, while also spending time with their two dogs, Amos and Nole. They went on multiple dates to the Arrington Vineyards together, traveled to Arizona for their friends’ joint bachelor/bachelorette party, and spent holidays together. When they planned a trip to Cancun with friends in September, Anne Marie wasn’t expecting a proposal- she thought it was happening later in the year. Despite a few logistical hiccups, TC made it happen, popping the question on the beach at sunset. Of course, the answer was yes!

When it came to wedding planning, Anne Marie didn’t want a big event. When working with Romance and Rust, she knew she wanted ‘simple and elegant’- and fell in love with the results.

“Kathy actually exceeded my expectations,” says Anne Marie. “She carried out my vision for my wedding better than I could. I remember walking down the stairs to see the venue set up for the first time that day and I was blown away. I will forever remember that moment and how I felt during that.”

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